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Dirk Dominick

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Dirk was fortunate to have parents who loved to travel to Europe…a lot. By the time he was 7 the globetrotting hook had been firmly set.

After graduating from high school he spent a year abroad in Salzburg, Austria where he studied German at the University of Salzburg, skied at every possible opportunity, and traveled throughout Europe. He later graduated from Auburn University with degrees in German language and European history.

In 2000 his family purchased an apartment in a tiny village in the south of France, and with tireless devotion he set his sights on learning everything he could about the area.

Le Stuff, his blog about the south of France, has been featured in numerous newspaper and Internet publications and garners readers from around the globe.

He is surely the world’s only expert on locations used in Alfred Hitchcock’s film To Catch A Thief starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, and he is, in fact, friends with Brigitte Auber, the French actress who co-starred in the classic film.

Dirk’s ebook,  Following in Hitchcock’s Footsteps: The Definitive Location Guide To The Classic Film “To Catch A Thief”, can be found on Amazon.

In 2010 Dirk consulted (in France) for a German N-TV film crew and in 2011 he was featured in a BBC Radio 4 production titled “The Search For Villa Noel” about the quest to find author David Dodge’s villa in Juan Les Pins, France.

In 2011 Dirk guided his first group around the south of France and Riviera Driving Tours was born. The goal at Riviera Driving Tours is to provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience to travelers who love to drive, eat well, and explore some of the most beautiful destinations in France.

Jean-Pascal Navarro

Jean-Pascal has been with Riviera Driving Tours since our first excursion in 2011. Born in Tours in the Loire Valley, JP is a professional sommelier who moved to the south of France seventeen years ago. His love of French wines is apparent in almost everything he does. When he’s not explaining the nuances of local grapes to RDT guests, he can be found in Monaco, diligently running his wine shop or spending quality time with his family in a small village in the hills above Menton.

Dirk Dominick & Jean-Pascal Navarro
Dirk Dominick & Jean-Pascal Navarro

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